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Old tradition combined with periods of torrential rain means a lifetime of good luck! While it’s nice to believe old wives tales may be true, it’s more likely the predictor of a wonderful, happy, married life is love, respect, and common values. Jackie and Greg have these qualities and many more! Surrounded in love for each other and from family and friends seems an ideal start to a lifetime of happiness… but Greg… I wouldn’t get too used to sitting on the bike ;)






Choosing a date for outside portraits is always tricky, especially in winter! Waiting for snow – but not too much snow. and then there’s the -20 degree issue to worry about. Imagine our luck to pick the perfect day! Even luckier for me to travel to Saint John, NB, to capture these beautiful engagement photos in the city where they live. I can’t wait for their spring wedding!! Hopefully Jackie has picked yet another perfect day…








What a perfect day – the smell of salt water, perfect temperature, wonderful people, fabulous photographs!! It was a beautiful sunny day. Well maybe that part was not so good… Thanks to Matt and Vanessa for having the best sense of humour EVER, wonderful family and friends, and a sense of daring (aka white wedding dress and beach). It was obvious to me, a perfect stranger, that Mr. and Mrs. Cuzner share a true love based on all of the above mentioned qualities. Thank you for making me feel at home on your special day!






Great question Jarrett! During a recent session I was asked this question. On the surface it may seem that what is involved is extra time, extra cost, and perhaps even some discomfort for those who do not particularly enjoy posing:) However, spending some time together before the wedding day has several advantages. For one, you get to know your photographer and she gets to know you – especially your comfort level. Working together, your photographer gains a clear understanding of your style, posing preferences, and issues that will need to be addressed (like the shutter noise makes you blink), while you have an idea of what to expect on the day where it counts most! It also gives the couple input and insight into what photos they will love on your wedding day and which poses they simply won’t try.

I’m happy we had this opportunity Dawn and Jarrett to make sure your wedding portraits will be everything you want them to be! I hope you enjoy this sneak peek!





I have been looking through the many photos of Kieran Rose from our recent newborn session and I am honestly having a difficult time deciding which to post! This beautiful little round bundle of joy was a mere 5 pounds, 4 ounces at birth but is quickly catching up in size. Although she was not entirely happy about the process, she still managed to look fabulous for her photos. I’m already looking forward to the next session…




Hurricanes are never nice but I am especially thankful that Irene waited one day before arriving in New Brunswick! Although weather, even extreme, is part and parcel of being a wedding photographer it was a huge relief not to have to deal with it yesterday as I captured the wonderful wedding day of Emma and Bobby Keech. It turned out to be a fabulous event! The venue – the Atlantic Salmon Federation Interpretive Centre – was extraordinary. As were all of the shooting locations chosen by the bride and groom. Even more extraordinary were the bride and groom themselves and their fabulous families. A special thank-you to Emma’s grandmother for keeping me entertained as I shared her table during an excellent salmon dinner, Bobby’s mom for her kind words and mother-to-mother conversation, and to each of their friends and family members who took time to help me feel welcome while doing a job I absolutely love!

Finally, I would like to tell both Emma and Bobby that after spending just a small moment of time out of a lifetime with them it is clear to me that they are one of the most caring couples I have ever met. Thank you for your kindness! I wish you every happiness the world has to offer. Here is a sneak peek of the images of your wedding day…












Dani Diamond is a portrait photographer and owner of Mountain Stream Photography in the Oromocto area. Recently she contacted me and expressed her interest in expanding her business to include wedding photography and asked if she could tag along on a few wedding shoots to gain experience in this specialized field. For one I was flattered she thought enough of my skill to ask. And secondly I welcomed her unique insight in candids and great care in capturing the details. It was a pleasure to work with her! I’m happy to share some of her work from the day, and while I did not take pictures of her as requested, I think posting a picture she took of herself is fair game ;o) Hope we have the opportunity to work together again!





_MG_1308 (1)

I have only seen a few of the images captured through Dani’s eyes so far but I am certain that this final shot will be my absolute favorite! There is photography – and then there is art…


Most couples (well… brides) plan a wedding right down to the last detail. There are numerous sources for helping with the plan, timeline, and special touches. Obviously booking your wedding photographer is top on the list but is that job done once the deposit is paid and the contract signed? It can be. However, if your wedding portraits are to reflect the personality and wishes of the couple than there is some extra work to be done.

Kathy did the work! When planning her dream day, marrying her dream guy, she took the time to look at many photography blogs and websites. She then passed those she particularly liked along to me:o) The result was not photos that were identical to another photographer’s work, but a shared idea of backgrounds, style, and mood. I am sure the images captured on the day will be exactly what she wanted! As I look through these carefully planned pictures I realize several things that are not the result of well laid plans:

Candids cannot really be posed…



Joy, love and romance cannot truly be an act…



Photographs are planned – but moments just happen…



Thank you Ryan and Kathy for sharing the most personal side of your day!

A smile is a curve that sets everything straight. ~Phyllis Diller

This weekend I learned a very valuable lesson courtesy of my friend Heidi. Just over two weeks before her very carefully planned double wedding she suffered a terrible accident that has me cringing just to think of it. Sparing the details it’s enough to say that she is truly lucky to have been able to “walk” down the aisle to marry the man she has been waiting for all her life and to share this very special day with two dear friends. From the moment I heard the news I felt so sorry for her that such a tragedy could spoil what I had hoped would be her perfect day.

Silly me! Although I know she spent the day in pain there was no room for pity here. With courage, determination, and what is the most positive attitude I have ever witnessed, Heidi embraced every moment of her wedding day. I had to hold back tears as I watched her smile throughout the process. I was seriously reminded that life could throw much worse our way and we should be thankful for those blessings that we have. In her eyes marrying David was more important than the wedding, sharing her joy with family and friends more significant than partying with them, and showing her daughter and step-son that love and becoming a family were better than the event itself.

Thank you Heidi for not only sharing your day with me but for sharing your spirit. And for those killer smiles! Who would have known it was possible especially when the something blue is your cast – and your foot. Congrats also to your friends Lacy and Darcy…


DSC_0087 copy





Literally and figuratively! I cannot remember a level 2 heat warning. I didn’t even know there was such a thing, especially in a maritime province in Canada. I doubt I’ll ever forget it! But the reason for remembering won’t be as much for the 45 degree day as it will be because of Jill and Dave. Never before have I met a bride so obviously ready for her wedding day. Not ready in the sense that all the details were carefully planned and executed, but ready for marriage to her soul mate. Together they were a “hot” couple… nothing to do with the heat :o)



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