Congratulations to all who became engaged during the holiday season and to those who will experience the joy of receiving a diamond ring for Valentine’s Day! These two occasions make February and March the busiest for wedding photographers. Choosing a photographer to capture this very special day is a daunting task made even more difficult by the amount of available photographers out there. Deciding who is professional, reliable, responsible, affordable and available is confused by many who offer services that are far from professional. After all, anyone can shoot a friend’s wedding, display a few good prints, offer bargain basement prices, and call themselves a wedding photographer.

Here are some photos of what you can expect in your wedding package when you book with Gallery Arseneau. Prices, payment options, and terms are clearly stated. There are no hidden costs. A contract guarantees you will get what you want for the day of your dreams. Every package come with printed proofs, edited for color, non-watermarked, in a Topflight album and protected by a sturdy box. Digital images will be placed on a flashdrive. And you will receive a referral package with a paid deposit giving you an opportunity to be rewarded for your much appreciated booking! All of this in a pretty black bag.

Planning a wedding? Ask for a beautifully packaged brochure or a full wedding photography presentation.





Weddings are special in their own right. They are made even more so by the special touches that may or may not be noticeable to anyone other than the couple themselves. As a wedding photographer (who absolutely loves to be part of a wedding celebration) I believe it’s my job to photograph these details in a way that tells the story of the day. Sandy and Hoda had many subtle and some not so subtle touches that were my privilege to capture…

…the start of a new life on the start of a new year…


…a bracelet borrowed from a sister…


…wings of an angel thoughtfully given by a daughter to help ease her mother’s sense of loss…


…married in the church where they met and faithfully worship…



…the joining of two joyous families.

DSC_0160 copy




Congratulations Hoda and Sandy! It was a beautiful ceremony and a wonderful day.

DSC_0106 copy

I must admit, I was taken a little by surprise! I was heading for the area where the cake was displayed awaiting the arrival of the bride and groom. Apparently there was a change in plans and the first dance began ahead of schedule. I was thrown off by the upbeat rhythm which was in direct contrast to the usual first dance choices. My surprise quickly gave way to awe as I watched Sandy and Hoda twirl around the dance floor. It was clear to me that this couple not only share a joy of dancing, but they also share in the joy of each other. Wedding pics to follow…



DSC_0157 copy

DSC_0166 copy

That was the message of this lovely Thanksgiving Day marriage between Samantha and Tom. I could almost taste the excitement in the air from both the bride and groom as they anxiously awaited to marry a best friend. It was easy to tell that this couple not only shared a mutual respect and love for each other, but they truly enjoyed being in each other’s company. To say they knew how to have fun together would be an understatement! It was contagious… I laughed for most of the day in their company. For that I was thankful.

DSC_0147 copy 2


DSC_0170 copy

DSC_0153 copy

DSC_0074 copy

DSC_0309 copy


This Saturday was my first wedding in the lovely border town of Saint Stephen, New Brunswick. Hopefully it won’t be my last! This picturesque area had many opportunities for producing lovely wedding portraits. However, it doesn’t matter what’s in the background when dealing with a bride as lovely as Tamara. From the first meeting I knew I liked her smile, attitude, and easy going approach. It wasn’t until her wedding day that I discovered that her aura of joy came from the fact she was marrying the love of her life. She and Doug are sure to have a lifetime of happiness. I’m happy to have been a part of their day.





… could stop me from sneaking in some outdoor wedding portraits on Saturday! This major weather event on the Labor Day long weekend didn’t turn out to be what it could have. But we did get A LOT of rain. It did not, however, ruin the day for Cheryl and Joel. They did everything right to make sure their special day was perfect. They booked a year in advance, kept in contact, were clear of their wants regarding wedding photographs and they had a back up plan in case of rain!

The inside photos were set against a beautiful backdrop and I loved it. But the second there was a break in the rain we went outside to capture at least a few before the rain started again. Enjoy!!

DSC_0272 copy


DSC_0302 copy

I recently discovered a great site to create your own Wedding Website for FREE! This is a fantastic way to keep wedding guests informed of all the details of your very special day. It’s easy to use and a lot more professional looking than using a facebook group. Thought I’d share…

Wedding Website

V001 (93)

V001 (95)

V001 (94)

With the 2010 wedding season nearly upon us, the majority of wedding photography inquiries are for 2011. I had one bride comment that there aren’t many wedding photographs posted on my website. She’s right! Last season my wedding portfolio could be found on another site (now changed to this one hosted on my own domain) and a wedding blog site. Since the summer I have created this site to showcase all of my photography work. However, waiting for this summer’s weddings to expand my portfolio may not be the best choice given the amount of interest for 2011. So here are just a few of the weddings from last spring and summer. Stay tuned for more to follow.

As I looked through my work I realized that orange was the color of the season!!! I wonder what this year’s color will be?

Munn (98)

Munn (44)

Munn (77)

Munn (69)

Munn (68)

Munn (55)

Munn (6)










ML (16)

ML (89)

ML (85)

The final mini-engagement session from my booth at The Wedding Show in the fall has been in the works and scheduled for some time. As luck would have it, the natural lighting conditions were perfect for most areas in our trek around Killarney Lodge on Fredericton’s north side. This happy, joking couple dressed perfectly for the early spring vegetation (if not for the coolness of the day!). But they were good sports about my portrait taking philosophy: it’s more important to be beautiful than comfortable – which is true to a certain extent. Two minutes after the session ended the skies opened and the remainder of the afternoon was filled with rain, snow, hail and sunshine. Now how fortunate was that?

May the good luck of this day follow Tracy and Jason throughout their married lives.




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