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Marriage vows are sacred regardless of your belief in the spiritual world. It is your belief in the concept of forever and the power of love that makes this day one of the most important in your lifetime. It is the day little girls dream of… never to be taken lightly. As a professional wedding photographer I recognize the importance of marriage and therefore the importance to you of capturing these fleeting moments in time in a format that lasts forever.

In order for you to choose a wedding photographer that offers what you need at a price you can afford, it is necessary for you to gather as much information as possible. This site gives you the opportunity to get to know me, my work, and my dreams for your future.

What is the most important factor in deciding who to choose as your wedding photographer? Is it style and quality of work? Does price influence your decision? Is reputation important? While all of these are part of this decision making process, I think equally critical is the dynamic of the relationship between professional and client. Do you trust and feel comfortable with the relative stranger that will share in the intimate moments of your day?

I am who I am… polite, friendly, professional and responsible… organized is my middle name. (This is not always a positive and I sometimes wish I could function well in a state of chaos!) I have, however, learned to remain calm in the hectic world of wedding photography and maintain my much needed state of structure during the careful planning that goes into preparing for the event, and after when prompt editing ensures your portraits are exactly what you had hoped for! There will be a contract in place to protect us both and to clarify expectations. I will show up and I will produce what is promised. You can count on it. In the unlikely event there are some unforeseen problems there is no doubt I will make it right. Your wedding day will be given the attention it deserves. There will be no other appointments regardless of the hours you have booked. I will have put together a shooting plan based on your input. And I will have spent several calm hours (most likely involving bubbles and candles) visualizing how the day will flow. I will be excited for you and nervous – a sign that I truly care about the end result.

I am not what I am not… bubbly and giggly. If you are looking for someone who wants to be your instant best friend then it won’t be me. I hope to enjoy my time spent with you but I am not there to party. I have a very important job to do. I will not plan shots that will be “out-of-the-norm” simply to add to my portfolio if you are not comfortable with these ideas. (Unless of course you’re in agreement – who wouldn’t want one of a kind portfolio pictures!) And I will not pretend to be who I am not. You’d know right away I was faking.

So take some time to get to know me. I look forward to participating in your wedding day if you feel we will work well together. I sincerely wish you the best if you do not.

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