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The start of the holiday season is marked in many ways and it’s different for most people. The beginning of Christmas for me is having little girls start showing up in my studio in their very best Christmas dresses. Perhaps I enjoy this so much because I have only boys, and these excited little faces dressed in their holiday best has never been part of my tradition!

When mom Whitney told me Morgan would be arriving in a gold dress I knew I’d try something different from the traditional Christmas backdrop! Good choice I think…




Is there anything more beautiful than a happy family? Probably not. It reminds us all what the holiday season is all about. Little Cohen has brought such obvious joy to the Carter / Reid families you can’t help but smile when you are around them. And they don’t seem to be able to stop smiling either. Merry Christmas to you! This first Christmas spent with this wonderful child promises to be the best one ever.





It’s a joy to have models who want to be photographed. It’s not always the case! Sometimes it takes years to reach that point. There have been cases this holiday season where young children are not as keen to be in the studio in front of a camera as we would like, but, for the most part my regular clients are growing up and even starting to enjoy their annual Christmas portrait experience. Life is made much easier when that’s the case. Gone are the days for the Goodine/Humble children of photoshopping open eyes onto the face of closed ones, swapping smiles from the only picture of Dylan that has one onto others, and hours of working pixel by pixel. Not that I mind if necessary but boy is it relaxing when I don’t! Great job Dylan, Brooke and Bethany! Thanks!!!





What can a husband give as a Christmas gift that is meaningful and thoughtful? Let’s be honest, as women we can sometimes expect the same amount of consideration put into a gift for us as we put into the one we buy and are often disappointed. Are our standards too high? Perhaps. But it is possible for the man in our lives to surprise us with something that requires not only thoughtfulness but effort. For example, Mike cleaned kids, packed spare outfits, got the feeding of the 2 month old out of the way, bundled and transported them to the studio to surprise his wife with portraits of the baby and a busy 4 year old. No small feat!! He even had to wait until she was safely out of town which I take it is not an everyday occurance and make a quick phone call to ask if it was possible to get a booking TODAY… again no easy feat! It seemed like Sam and Jackson knew how important this was as they were fantastic!!

I’ve been waiting until after Christmas to post some of these very cute photos but I have it on good authority that Mike was too excited to wait! I hope it was a very good surprise Michelle.





Lori had a plan for this year’s Christmas portraits. Family pictures outside with at least some snow seemed likely but with the mild weather, both she and Mark working, and all three kids in sports activities, it was starting to look like she would have to settle for something other than what she wanted. And she’s just not good at that :)

Last evening’s light dusting of snow and my cancelled basketball trip to Saint John made for what would probably be the last opportunity to get exactly what she hoped for. We had to work fast before the sun dropped too far in the sky, and although it had been overcast all day the late afternoon sun shone through just enough at the perfect time to capture what I feel are my best family shots EVER! And this makes me very happy because Lori has been my biggest supporter in this difficult journey of building a business while raising a family. In what has been a tough year in almost every way for us both, it makes me proud to give her such wonderful photos of her family. Visit my facebook page to see some more.





I’ve never seen it before! Pretty Grace came to the studio for Christmas pictures today wearing a very beautiful Christmas dress. THAT I’ve seen before! Everytime I take Grace’s photos she is picture perfect… fabulous curls, great clothes with shoes to match. What I have not seen is a matching dress for a doll! Seriously. Grace’s Nannie Sharon was decked in her finest attire – a perfect match to her owner’s wardrobe – right down to the tights. It was priceless!! And it was good luck, because the normally serious Grace could not contain her smiles today. Made for awesome Christmas portraits. Great job Grace! Merry Christmas to you and your family.





Christmas is just a few short weeks away! With the November weather being so warm and spring-like it’s been difficult to get in the Christmas shopping spirit. Actually, I’m never in the shopping spirit this early but with many of my friends seemingly in a panic to get their decorations up, and all the talk about being DONE shopping I’m starting to feel like I’m behind.

Just in case you’re feeling overwhelmed like me (and again I say I have NEVER decorated or shopped this early), and maybe you think you left your Christmas pictures go too long … don’t worry. There is still time to book and have wonderful portraits to give to family and friends. Sessions up until the 15th of December are guaranteed to have photos back in by the 20th. LOTS of time to frame and wrap. Evenings and weekends are booking fast so email or call 367-2680 to arrange for a convenient appointment time.

Choose from numerous prints to give as fantastic Christmas presents or ask me about a variety of gift certificate options! The gift of professional portraits will last a lifetime…

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