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Great question Jarrett! During a recent session I was asked this question. On the surface it may seem that what is involved is extra time, extra cost, and perhaps even some discomfort for those who do not particularly enjoy posing:) However, spending some time together before the wedding day has several advantages. For one, you get to know your photographer and she gets to know you – especially your comfort level. Working together, your photographer gains a clear understanding of your style, posing preferences, and issues that will need to be addressed (like the shutter noise makes you blink), while you have an idea of what to expect on the day where it counts most! It also gives the couple input and insight into what photos they will love on your wedding day and which poses they simply won’t try.

I’m happy we had this opportunity Dawn and Jarrett to make sure your wedding portraits will be everything you want them to be! I hope you enjoy this sneak peek!





This was a busy weekend! It must be the hint of spring in the air. Or maybe it’s that basketball season has ended and I’m home on a weekend :o) Whatever the reason it’s great to see some nice fresh, bright colors coming into the studio. And even nicer to see beautiful, little Claire – a full year since I’ve seen her last. What a difference a year makes! Take a look at these eyes!! And the wonderful pouty lips. She’s a stunning one year old. I can’t wait to see what next year brings…




There was only one thing that was not difficult about this Saturday morning engagement session near the walking bridge on the Fredericton north side – the couple! Katlyn and Chris were awesome. They were full of smiles and easy to talk to. Unfortunately it was very windy which did terrible things to long hair. And although it was 2 degrees in the sun, it felt more like minus 20 in the wind. Heavy dark clouds rolled quickly through the February skies making it extremely challenging to keep up with the fast changing lighting conditions. I certainly needed to be on my toes! With some patience, a little luck, and some skill, we managed to capture some really great shots.




It’s been a great year! Many of the goals set for 2009 were achieved or broken. I spent the year working with my fabulous new Nikon D90! And added the SB900 to my bag in the spring.I have the SB800 as well. My Photoshop skills greatly improved and many marketing opportunities opened up. My biggest hope was to have a blog hosted on my own domain and in November it finally came to be. You may wonder why it is important to my business but go ahead… search fredericton wedding photography or photographer and you will find me hovering at page 1 or 2 on google!! This was a move from the 7th page at best. (When was the last time you kept looking through 7 pages for what you wanted?)

There is still much to be done. GalleryArseneau.ca still needs some tweaking. Marketing is an ongoing battle and skills can always be improved. For 2010 I will work on my branding which basically means having a logo, watermark, website, business cards, and packaging that are uniform and reflect your style. It’s what makes you recognizable and helps you stand out in the crowd. Keep coming back to see how it progresses. For now have a look at a few of the engagement session photos from 2009 and stay tuned for other last year photos to come online. Don’t forget to look for the latest news with portraits and personal stuff!






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