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There are many events in life we often wished we had captured. We would never think to get married without photographs, hopefully by a professional. Sometimes we forget to capture those other memories that are equally as important. The Tomilson family recently celebrated the 85th birthday of their mother, grandmother and great-grandmother – Cherry. It was a wonderful occasion celebrated by family and friends, creating (and capturing) memories that will last well beyond a lifetime!










What a perfect day – the smell of salt water, perfect temperature, wonderful people, fabulous photographs!! It was a beautiful sunny day. Well maybe that part was not so good… Thanks to Matt and Vanessa for having the best sense of humour EVER, wonderful family and friends, and a sense of daring (aka white wedding dress and beach). It was obvious to me, a perfect stranger, that Mr. and Mrs. Cuzner share a true love based on all of the above mentioned qualities. Thank you for making me feel at home on your special day!






Great question Jarrett! During a recent session I was asked this question. On the surface it may seem that what is involved is extra time, extra cost, and perhaps even some discomfort for those who do not particularly enjoy posing:) However, spending some time together before the wedding day has several advantages. For one, you get to know your photographer and she gets to know you – especially your comfort level. Working together, your photographer gains a clear understanding of your style, posing preferences, and issues that will need to be addressed (like the shutter noise makes you blink), while you have an idea of what to expect on the day where it counts most! It also gives the couple input and insight into what photos they will love on your wedding day and which poses they simply won’t try.

I’m happy we had this opportunity Dawn and Jarrett to make sure your wedding portraits will be everything you want them to be! I hope you enjoy this sneak peek!





When you have eyes as wonderful as Mirriah! Smiles are definitely not necessary. I am sitting in my studio between sessions but can’t help taking a few minutes before my next 6 month old arrives to post this photo from this morning. Wow…


Seriously! How sweet is this child? This family walked into my studio and lit up the room. All I could think was how lucky Brooklyn was to come from a family with such energy. I felt good even after they left! What a pleasure…




I could fill a page about this wonderful session with this awesome and funny couple! But there are no words that would be as powerful as the images produced. There is love…


And there is LOVE…


It has been a crazy two months in my world! And I mean crazy!! The last few weeks have been closer to insane. I have managed to keep on top of my 3 jobs and my kids (although my housework has it’s days of neglect). There was a point where I was in danger of falling behind due to circumstances beyond my control but thanks to Shelley Humble, I was able to keep it together and keep my clients happy. Thank you Shelley!! I hope the photos of your kids and nephews are everything you hoped for.





Since I have a beautiful niece named Bronwyn I started out with a soft spot for this other little Bronwyn beauty! You can’t imagine how fun it is to have a 4 year old who is in the mood to pose! Starting with her awesome Christmas dress, through her preppy sweater dress and boots, into her holiday jammies and finally showcasing her wonderful volleyball talent, it was an hour and a half of easy shooting! This session was the perfect ending to a very long day. Thank you Regina for your first time visit to my studio!




Is there anything more exciting than your first Christmas with your first baby? Probably not. Matt and Rhonda are super excited about spending Christmas with the lovely little Lauren, and who could blame them? The holiday season promises to be the best they’ve ever had. With those eyes and that smile combined with one of the prettiest Christmas dresses I have ever seen, Lauren is for sure the best present they will ever receive.




The start of the holiday season is marked in many ways and it’s different for most people. The beginning of Christmas for me is having little girls start showing up in my studio in their very best Christmas dresses. Perhaps I enjoy this so much because I have only boys, and these excited little faces dressed in their holiday best has never been part of my tradition!

When mom Whitney told me Morgan would be arriving in a gold dress I knew I’d try something different from the traditional Christmas backdrop! Good choice I think…




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