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Is there anything more exciting than your first Christmas with your first baby? Probably not. Matt and Rhonda are super excited about spending Christmas with the lovely little Lauren, and who could blame them? The holiday season promises to be the best they’ve ever had. With those eyes and that smile combined with one of the prettiest Christmas dresses I have ever seen, Lauren is for sure the best present they will ever receive.




The start of the holiday season is marked in many ways and it’s different for most people. The beginning of Christmas for me is having little girls start showing up in my studio in their very best Christmas dresses. Perhaps I enjoy this so much because I have only boys, and these excited little faces dressed in their holiday best has never been part of my tradition!

When mom Whitney told me Morgan would be arriving in a gold dress I knew I’d try something different from the traditional Christmas backdrop! Good choice I think…




Welcome back to my world Laura! Loyal hardly begins to describe this client!! In the past few years I have photographed her and her lovely children, Belle and Chase. She’s one of those people you hope something really good happens to! And then along comes Corey. Despite the freezing cold these were four happy people posing for their first family photo! Maybe next year they’ll pose in front of their soon to be brand new home. Congrats Laura and family. Much deserved!!





Jill and Carney could barely contain their smiles! Makes my job so much easier. While I love to capture families and especially children, sometimes it’s a welcome break to deal with adults. Great conversation, great fun and great portraits!





A sucker of course!!!


Couldn’t resist sharing…

Cheryl and Greg may not have enough kids to field a soccer team but there is enough in numbers to play an entire game of basketball! Not to mention all five are seriously handsome children. It took a very short time out of what you can imagine is an insane schedule for this household to capture these wonderful photos. And I am posting the ones (with the exception of the hood shot!) that weren’t chosen. Bet you can’t wait to see what’s in your Christmas card!!









Well, Merry Christmas last holiday season at least. Doug purchased a gift certificate to surprise his wife this time last year. Finally, the stars aligned and the Koch family found themselves dressed and coiffed for their family portrait session just in time for the 2011 gift giving season. It’s no wonder it has taken this long! A job that includes much travel, a masters degree, twins in school, a precocious preschooler, a farm, a new business, hockey, dance class and other activities too numerous to mention. I’m tired just thinking about this wonderful, dynamic family. The wait was worth it! Here are some of the photos taken this weekend that may, just for a moment, remind them that sometimes moments in life can just stand still…






I can’t remember how long I’ve known Heather but it’s been a while! We have sons who are the same age and started school together. I wouldn’t say we’ve been friends but certainly acquaintances who touch base now and then, see each other at basketball games, and other events. Still, I find it hard to imagine that her daughter Shelby will be graduating from high school this year!! It seems her mom has mixed emotions about that fact :o)

I also remember Shelby from the time she was very young and have commented that she is a real beauty. This was evident in the graduation portraits captured recently. She picked an awesome location – her grandmother’s house. I look forward to our studio session to follow!





This fall, unlike any other since I started with my photography business, has been super busy! Seems like the years of slowly building until my boys were old enough to not need a sitter has paid off. I wonder if it would be as booming yet though if it weren’t for facebook? Case in point, Nikki, Pat, Emma and Parker are a first time family for me. There have been many first timers this year and I’m grateful to them and my regular clients for travelling the distance to my studio and yard. Most, like the Laytons, have seen my work on a friends profile so THANKS for sharing!

Nikki was looking for some old barn type photos. we didn’t need to go far! My favorite old grey barn is a hop, skip and a jump away. Perfect for the beautiful outfits chosen for this occasion. Take a look at all those beautiful eyes. And check out her shoes!!




Who doesn’t enjoy a lovely photograph with an antique car as a prop? I often look at one and think how nice to have something like that to work with as a background. Most times it’s just that, an impersonal addition to make for an interesting picture. However, in the case of Rivers Steeves, this old car tells a very interesting personal story! For one, it doesn’t run and Rivers felt it was important enough to use the four wheeler to tow it out of the barn and place it in the yard in a spot that would work well for our recent grad session. Then of course it had to be cleaned! I was thinking how industrious he was and how interesting his pictures would be with this old prop. Until I heard the story – this car was once a police car used to chase rum runners. His great grandfather was a rum runner who eventually bought this car. How personal is that! And immediately these photographs capturing a very special time in a young adult’s life becomes a story and not just a picture.

Add a guitar that signifies the importance of music in Rivers’ life and it’s perfect!







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