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Never underestimate the power of water – or in this case the power of water and ice! While the Nashwaak River brings peace and enjoyment for the majority of the year, it reserves the right to remind those that live near it’s banks that it can be a force to be reckoned with. Hopefully the worst has happened this spring season and the residents of Stanley and areas down-river can quickly get back to feeling secure near the river they love.







It’s been a great year! Many of the goals set for 2009 were achieved or broken. I spent the year working with my fabulous new Nikon D90! And added the SB900 to my bag in the spring.I have the SB800 as well. My Photoshop skills greatly improved and many marketing opportunities opened up. My biggest hope was to have a blog hosted on my own domain and in November it finally came to be. You may wonder why it is important to my business but go ahead… search fredericton wedding photography or photographer and you will find me hovering at page 1 or 2 on google!! This was a move from the 7th page at best. (When was the last time you kept looking through 7 pages for what you wanted?)

There is still much to be done. GalleryArseneau.ca still needs some tweaking. Marketing is an ongoing battle and skills can always be improved. For 2010 I will work on my branding which basically means having a logo, watermark, website, business cards, and packaging that are uniform and reflect your style. It’s what makes you recognizable and helps you stand out in the crowd. Keep coming back to see how it progresses. For now have a look at a few of the engagement session photos from 2009 and stay tuned for other last year photos to come online. Don’t forget to look for the latest news with portraits and personal stuff!






What can a husband give as a Christmas gift that is meaningful and thoughtful? Let’s be honest, as women we can sometimes expect the same amount of consideration put into a gift for us as we put into the one we buy and are often disappointed. Are our standards too high? Perhaps. But it is possible for the man in our lives to surprise us with something that requires not only thoughtfulness but effort. For example, Mike cleaned kids, packed spare outfits, got the feeding of the 2 month old out of the way, bundled and transported them to the studio to surprise his wife with portraits of the baby and a busy 4 year old. No small feat!! He even had to wait until she was safely out of town which I take it is not an everyday occurance and make a quick phone call to ask if it was possible to get a booking TODAY… again no easy feat! It seemed like Sam and Jackson knew how important this was as they were fantastic!!

I’ve been waiting until after Christmas to post some of these very cute photos but I have it on good authority that Mike was too excited to wait! I hope it was a very good surprise Michelle.





One of the things I like best about having a home – based studio business is having the luxury of  taking my time. Without a huge (or any) amount of overhead to worry about it isn’t necessary to book them in solid just to survive. You will never have to worry about another client waiting for their turn and feeling like you need to rush to be done. This is especially important with children. Sometimes children need to warm up, play a little, snack a little … I have sat patiently in conversation with a breastfeeding mother and enjoyed the company! It isn’t the first time I have emphasized this point and I’m sure it won’t be the last.

However, there are families who have busy schedules, places to be,  people to see, hockey! Time is critical. As was the case for Kim and her boys. The boys were told “get it done”. And get it done they did. Almost every shot was great and the “almost” pertains mostly to Tobi who wasn’t in the mood to pose :) The moral is if you are pressed for time it is still possible to get some great shots. Get in touch and I’ll fit you in.





Natural light photography is beautiful. Many photographers believe portraits should only be taken using available light. In my opinion, there are very few who are VERY good at this technique. Cameras and lenses best suited to produce fantastic natural light photos are extremely expensive. (I own one camera and one lens that I would consider using without some flash on a cloudy day!)  The others simply either can’t afford quality flash equipment or do not have the skill necessary to properly use it. Strobe / studio lighting is extremely difficult and I admit I am still trying to perfect its use! But I have some of the best available.

Why is it important to have a studio? I LOVE outdoor shots but the weather is an uncontrollable phenomenon. Sometimes our schedules do not allow for booking multiple dates. The studio gives the opportunity to keep an appointment. There are several months of the year where the outdoors are just not that pretty. Newborns don’t like -20 degrees. You don’t have to walk through someone’s home to a tiny corner of their livingroom or clean your entire house to bring a photographer into your nursery. Having a studio booking doesn’t mean you are limited to backdrops – it gives the option of two totally different styles. And a studio gives a professional photographer more control.

I am available to photograph your family outdoors. (I prefer it.) And I welcome the opportunity to bring my lighting into your home. But if you would rather visit my professional space, here is what my studio looks like. I like it! It’s warm and cozy. It may not be my dream but for now it works. Book your studio appointment today. Or if you are a photographer without the luxury of studio space / lighting ask about renting mine for a day.





I’ve never seen it before! Pretty Grace came to the studio for Christmas pictures today wearing a very beautiful Christmas dress. THAT I’ve seen before! Everytime I take Grace’s photos she is picture perfect… fabulous curls, great clothes with shoes to match. What I have not seen is a matching dress for a doll! Seriously. Grace’s Nannie Sharon was decked in her finest attire – a perfect match to her owner’s wardrobe – right down to the tights. It was priceless!! And it was good luck, because the normally serious Grace could not contain her smiles today. Made for awesome Christmas portraits. Great job Grace! Merry Christmas to you and your family.





How disappointing to have planned in advance for a family portrait session (no easy feat with 4 boys under 12) only to have the 2 year old fall and split his chin :( Only a very large band-aid would do to keep the bleeding under control. Oh well it’s a good thing he’s cute! And it’s a good thing that in the world of digital imaging almost anything is possible with some skill in Photoshop.

This picture….


becomes either of these with a quick fix…

_037-2DM copy


Technology and a little know how can turn a nice family photo into a great one! Dawn and her boys deserve one.


The weather this month has been amazing. Hard to believe there was a snow day only one short month ago. It was so nice, on a recent trip home to Cape Breton it was actually warm enough to go beachcombing. I love the beach… the smell of salt water, the feel of the sand, the sound of the waves and the endless view of water and coastline. It is, therefore, a very rare treat to not only be strolling the beach with my family past Rememberance Day, but to be warm while doing it! In addition to thrill of finding beach glass along with the rocks we set out to collect we were treated to a visit from a fairly large fox who was obviously enjoying the beach and sun as well. I rushed to get out my camera before he ran off! No need. Instead he came to us and remained close by, frolicking in the sand.THAT’S the kind of day your  children never forget.

These images taken along with other works of art will be available for purchase online soon. Stay tuned.







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A new website in blog format hosted on my own domain has been in the works for a long time. Sometimes the stars need to be aligned in order for things to happen and it seems the universe is cooperating! If you read the initial post you know this site is still in the making. Visit often as there are many new ideas in the works. The logo above is one that I developed a few years back, and although I like it I never did feel it fit my personality … a little too flowery and flowy … and if you know me you know I’m not really daisy-like in nature :)

I think I have finally hit my style: clean, crisp, straight foward, bold in color, no-nonsense (you get the idea). You may have noticed something more fitting as a copyright mark on photos posted this week and this new logo is in that same style. What do you think?? Feel free to leave a comment.


Great  question! And in all honesty I’m not sure what the answer is because I’ve never had pictures taken there. I don’t wonder what they charge (I’m sure it’s less than me) and I think they do good work. They certainly have to do a booming business to keep prices so low… if they still are?? Having your photos done with a wide selection of painted backdrops, and a look at me and “smile” pose may be your style.

What I can tell you is what I am; you decide how I’m different. In my studio there is no rush. Getting great shots right away before patience is lost is definately the goal. But some, especially young children require some time to warm up. Don’t feel like you need to control your child. I know what to hold onto when they run! I enjoy photographs a little more on the art side but try to give you a selection of what you want. It is TRULY important to me that you love your pictures and I work hard to get the “good shot”. Some days are more challenging than others… like today with the more than beautiful, 20 month old, Energizer bunny named Zoey. Hopefully I succeeded with these shots below. Or others posted on my facebook page.




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